Find yourself ready to be amazed by the natural beauty of Bonaire. Located close to Curacao and Aruba, but with a far more relaxing and low-key atmosphere. Well connected by international air travel, Bonaire is a safe and comfortable holiday destination, perfect for anyone who is intrigued by the wonders of our stunning underwater world, recognized as one of the best spots worldwide for Scuba-diving.

Once you’re on Bonaire you’ll be surprised by the stunning Caribbean sea we’ve all around the island! To make sure you get the best out of it, in a private atmosphere, Aqua Fun Bonaire is your answer, your private guide that offers tailor-made solutions to all your (under)water wishes.

You can explore the underwater world whilst snorkeling,  a guided snooba adventure,  diving or choose to cruise with our 32ft centre console boat, including an experienced captain. However you wish to explore the Caribbean sea around  this gorgeous island, with Aqua Fun Bonaire on your side as your personal guide, you are guaranteed to experience it in the best way possible.

Aqua Fun Bonaire is owner operated company. The owner, Dutch national Sander is a well rounded and experienced captain for many years and has over  20 years of diving experience, as a guide he is able to safely guide you to the most exciting and exclusive dive sites around the Island..

diving on BonaireDIVING

There are 63 official dive sites on Bonaire of which 54 are shore dive sites and 26 more on Klein Bonaire. Bonaire is an underwater paradise that awaits you, with more than 350 fish species and 57 species of soft and hard coral. The entire coastline of Bonaire has been declared a marine sanctuary. It’s underwater world is home to an abundance of fish species. Some fish found throughout Bonaire’s waters include colorful Parrot Fish of all varieties, Blue and Rainbow included.  Friendly Angel Fish, feisty Sergeant Majors, and beautiful Butterfly Fish dot the reef.  Scrawled File Fish swim by sporting electric blue stripes.  Grunts, Gobies and Groupers. Delight in schools of Blue Tangs and Jacks. Camouflaging Frog Fish are present, and are always exciting to discover as they blend in so well.

With our our 32ft centre console boat, a  private excursion to Klein Bonaire is easily accommodated- including refreshments if desired. We are also pleased to offer you a personal vehicle tour around the island, to enable all the shore-dive sites, including all the equipment needed- please let us help to plan the perfect day for you!


Indulge in carefree and safe exploring of the beautiful underwater world of Bonaire. Combining the experience of snorkeling and scuba-diving, no need for a heavy air tank on your back and all the other scuba equipment, so you can feel almost weightless as you discover beautiful corals and all that hides just beneath the sea surface. You’ll be able to explore Bonaire’s underwater world safely, easily and up close. Snooba is a system connecting you and your dive companion to an inflatable raft, which follows you along the surface supporting your air tank. You will enjoy this adventure at a depth you feel comfortable with, anywhere between the surface and 20 feet below.

Minimum requirements to join us on a Guided Snooba Adventure are: you are at least 14 years old, in good health and have basic swimming skills, and feel comfy swimming in the sea. Snooba is by far the easiest and most fun introduction to the thrills of scuba diving!

snorkeling on BonaireSNORKELING

Bonaire offers the best snorkeling sites in the world. It is a stunning experience. Feel the freedom of simply donning a mask and fins, and start exploring wonderful sea creatures and colorful reefs just under the water surface. Currents are smooth and easy, and we’ll make sure to bring you to the most amazing spots, where you can wonder and float around the safe warm waters of the Caribbean sea. There is nothing in Bonaire’s water that is dangerous, but be sure not to touch anything as you may harm it and disturb the delicate natural balance of the reef. Snorkeling is great adventure for all members of the family,  Of course you can bring your own equipment, however, we are very happy to supply you with high quality equipment, either rental or for a reasonable price.


Bonaire is famous for its colorful sunsets and there is no better way to enjoy it than on a Sunset Cruise. The island’s bay and coastline offer stunning vista’s, and it’s possible to catch a glimpse of a turtle breaking the surface or a pelican diving into water for its catch of the day. Maybe we even get so lucky to see some dolphins as they love the waves breaking on our buoy when we are cruising towards our sunset! Make sure to bring your (waterproof) camera’s as you will want to show your friends at home how beautiful Bonaire is! Have you ever seen a green flash? You don’t want to miss this perfect photo opportunity.


Our boat ‘Vitamin Sea’ is a magnificent 32ft centre console boat and is without any doubt one of the fastest, best equipped and most comfortable centre console boat on Bonaire. She has two Mercury 250hp outboards, safety gear, all other necessary equipment and is in mint condition.


Every day at 14:00 we go for a 1-tank dive to Klein Bonaire. Our 32-foot (10 meter) Center Console Boat powered by 2 x 200hp outboards with maximum 10 guests brings you to a mooring, you can dive for a maximum of 60 minutes and than we go back to the harbour.

  • SCUBA DIVING WATERTAXI  @ $20 per guest
  • (scuba gear, snorkeling gear and scuba tanks not included)
  • Tour Details
  • Departures @14:00
  • Duration is approximately 1,5 hours
  • Recommended attire: Swimwear, dive gear, bring a towel and sun block
  • Don’t forget to bring your STINAPA tag

YOUR PRIVATE BOAT (with a captain)

Would you like an unusual and exceptional way of exploring Bonaire? We would like to offer you the opportunity to make private use of a magnificent 32ft centre console boat accommodating a maximum of 10 guests. Welcome aboard, and we make sure you’ll spend an wonderful time on the waters of Bonaire!  You decide what best suits your interests and desires, and feel like either diving, take out the snooba, snorkeling or just cruising and exploring the waters- or combine it all to your wishes. Our boat is without doubt one of the fastest, best equipped and most comfortable centre console boat on Bonaire.

  • Private boat charter with captain @ $500 for a half day
  • (scuba gear, snorkeling gear and scuba tanks not included)
  • Contact us if you have other specific requirements or timings and we will do our best to meet your needs.


If you come to Bonaire, think about hiring Your Private Diving Guide and experience some of the best dive sites on Bonaire.

Your Private Diving Guide will guide a nervous first time certificate diver through their initial tentative breaths underwater, or create an incredible diving adventure for the experienced diver that would like a new challenge.

Your Private Diving Guide can assist you with your dive, but to truly enjoy your diving experience you need to feel safe, to feel assured in their experience and knowledge. He know the dive site of Bonaire the shore and boat dives. If you don’t want to dive he can also assist you with your snorkeling experience.

Your Private Diving Guide come to you. At the location and time that suits you and your schedule. He will help share your passion with family and your friends, creating a memorable experience.

  • You have your private diving or snorkeling guide @ $30
  • (Rates are per person per dive, tanks and dive gear are not included.)


Aqua Fun Bonaire
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